Are you looking to improve your Arabic or your grades in general? Perhaps you're looking to get a new or better job? Or are you simply seeking more in life?

What if a question could help? My new book 91 Days of Q - questions to help you create the life you desire provides simple, practical questions to help unstick you from places you get stuck and to help you see greater possibilities. 

All these questions are available for free, online at Or gift yourself a copy of the paperback, eBook pdf or audio version to keep you in the zone no matter where you are? 

Wishing you a joyous festive season! Mary-Jane
What if study were fun & easy?

What are your points of view about study, including about going to school, college, or university and about learning anything in general?

That's it's hard, will take a long time and lots of money? That you're not smart or diligent enough? That you shouldn't rest, sleep, or enjoy yourself because you should be studying?

How many vested interests are making study hard for you? Do teachers want you to outshine them? No. Do after school tutoring businesses want you to hire them? Yes. And other students? Do they want you to see your talent? No.

Are you willing to consider a different possibility? If so, ask “What if study were easy and fun?” 

What if you approached study with the energy of an insatiable curiosity about things that inspire you? 

What if you were excited about learning new ways to expand your natural talents? 

Would study be more fun, easier, and more rewarding then?
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Have you ever bought our textbook/audio package? First, thank you :) Second, you are welcome to buy the NEWLY re-edited audio files. Just ask. 

A few weeks ago we sent out this invitation to our existing list. We now realise that some people didn't receive this email and some may not have been on the list at all. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. 

So, if this is you, please let me know (including details of your original purchase order in whatever form you have available - even memory of year/month and your name so we can cross check my records) and we will send you a link to purchase the upgraded files for only $4. 
We have just invested and edited all 180+ minutes of our audio files so that each exercise is now its own MP3 file. This will let you more easily pick and choose what audio you'd like to listen to and put it on loop for practice. Phew. This took a while! To cover our costs, and for CPI adjustment, we have increased the price of our book/audio package to $49. 

If you have already bought the package and would like the new audio, we will contact you directly over the next few weeks to offer you the new audio files for $4.00. 

We are now planning stage two of our audio update, which is to add English to the vocabulary lists so you can practice them without referring to the text book. Stage two will probably take until mid-2013. 

Happy studying!
We have just installed a new flip book of the free chapters so you can see what you'll receive when you subscribe. If you'd like us to send you the PDF and accompanying MP3s, simply send us your email here!
Over the next few months, we are re-mixing our audio material and recording some new bits, so that no matter where you are - car, bus, train or on foot - you can listen to the conversations and vocab lists again, and again, without needing the text book. We have just completed Chapter One.

Now, rather than the audio being one large MP3 file
- each conversation, vocab list and exercise (marked with an audio tape sign in the book) will have its own easily identifiable MP3 file and
- conversations, vocab lists and exercises are repeated three times 

How do you download this new material? 

The new MP3s will be available for download via the links sent to you in your registration confirmation email (register here) or via a link in the monthly newsletter (5th of each month).

You also receive the files when you buy the book online via this site. 

After we complete this basic re-mix of the complete book, we will then create NEW audio material, incorporating more English, to help you practice the material on the move, even if you don't have the textbook in front of you. Thank you for your patience. 
Other students find your feedback very useful. What did you think?
- Was it worth your investment (time, money, other)? 
- Did it help you with anything in particular?
- How did you use it as well as your existing course material? 
- What else?

Are you wiling to share? If so, thank you very much and send your interesting points of view to me here. 
Don't want to read? Click and listen to a short 'About this book' here. 
Or listen to the entire Overview, including about the relationship between Syrian Colloquial Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and others here. 
We are delighted to announce that after several years of special request from a particular US university, we have managed to publish our book in paperback WITHOUT the script/answer key.

So if you're a teacher who prefers your students don't have easy access to the answers, this is for you.

The paperback is published via with direct links from our site here.
After nearly four years of being out of (real paper) print, we are delighted to announce that Syrian Arabic is again available in paperback via

When you order, make sure you get the version that suits your needs. We have two versions:
  • the full edition and
  • the student edition (which does not contain the script/answer key). 
Double check your order when you buy to make sure you have the right one! Order direct from our site here.
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